I'm delighted that you want to read my poems. They result from my experiences over the years. Like everyone else, I've been through many times of joy and heartache. I want my poems to express how Jesus has sustained me and how the Lord has worked in my life. Some of the poems grew out of observations and out of meditation on the Scriptures.
Often people write me and ask that I write a poem for them. I regret that I cannot write poems for others. My poems come out of my own experiences and my own relationship with the Lord and with others.
Perhaps you can write your own poems. Poetry is the expression of the heart. It does not have to rhyme. Do you keep a journal? I have found that writing out my experiences and my feelings is very helpful. In the writing, I often gain insight into my own heart.

May the Lord Bless you.

Below is a list of my poems.

The Wise Man's Creed and His Reward 03/16/10
The Fool's Credo and His Reward 03/14/10
Encounter With The Prodigal-09/10/09
A Holiday Vistor-08/22/09
An Earnest Of Rain-06/07/07
Miss Beulah's Song-07/08/06
My Father's Servant-08/22/09
A Lone Azalea Shrub-03/26/02
The Living And The Dead-03/24/02
Bearing The Cross-02/22/02
On My Knees-9/20/01
Path Of Sorrow-9/16/01
From Terror Set Free-9/20/01
Everyday Love-5/21/99
Speak To Me Of Him-2/26/01
In The Mist Of Trouble-2/27/01
Lay It Down, Child-5/19/00
Message to Two Women-5/19/00
Why I Follow Jesus-5/17/00
Thinking Of Daddy-5/8/00
Barren Reality-8/15/99
Childless Wife-8/15/99
In Early May-5/15/99
Mother's Day Flower-5/10/99
Name-Calling 4/24/99
The Loner Down the Street-4/6/99
The Puzzle-2/17/99
"Run To Me"-2/5/99
A Picture-12/04/98
Lesson of Three Acorns-10/13/98
None Greater Than God
Broken Friendship
Forever He Lives
Hope In Times Of Rejection
Entrusted Gift
The Trap Of Pretty Lies
The Idol
Candy From Strangers
Barricades And Circles
Choosing God's Peace>
A Christmas Poem
To A Christian Friend
To One In Pain
A Victim's Story
The Witness
Burden Bearer
Redbird Morning
Diamonds In The Rain
Voice Of Spring
As He's Forgiven Me
The Gift
To Those Beyond
Dear Good Shepherd
Joyful Acceptance
Longing For Spring
A Christian Warrior
Questions And The Answer
The Void
The Sunset
The King Who Washed The Traitor's Feet
My Lord Knows Best
To Death
Requiem For A Fetus
In Praise
The Changing
Two Men
He Reigns
Hold Fast To Him - Set To Music
Thoughts on God's Love
IF I Had Only Known

I will post more poems as time goes on. Have a nice day and may the Lord Bless.
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