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The Wondernells
A Wondernell Christmas

by: Diane Thompson

Chapter One

In a land of dreamful wishes far away from here, there lives a colony of Wondernells in the Land of Many Colors. Those who have been blessed to see Wondernells say that at first glance they look like elves or sprites. Some people declare that they are pixies and nothing more. Actually, Wondernells are simply tiny folk all atingle and aglimmer with the sheer wonder of life.

Two Wondernells in particular are very delightful little creatures. Always running about, darting there and here again, imagining all sorts of false impressions, and only half-way hearing but never listening when parents are speaking. Nick and Penny Luvvins are their names. But I'm darting ahead of my story.

Christmas time always reminds me of the Wondernells, for it was upon a very special Christmas season that Nick and Penny had their first great adventure.

The Luvvins family's cozy cottage stands just at the end of Starlite Street in Sunrise Skies, the smallest village in the land of Many Colors. This little community is rather well-known because it is located on the edge of the Protected Forest, just half a day's foot-journey from Rainbow Waterfalls which mark the boundary beyond which no wise Wondernell ever ventures. For just five stones' throw downstream from Rainbow Waterfalls lies Cold and Dank Cove, the murky home of Snivvely Wivvels, the most treacherously evil creature ever to gasp a breath.

Every Wondernell child is carefully instructed from its cradle to beware of Snivvely Wivvels lest he snatch the little one and take it back to his slimy cove. In fact, children are not permitted to wander in the Protected Forest unless an adult is with them, Even in Sunrise Skies, they must be ever watchful, for Snivvely Wivvels occasionally slithers into town. As every good little Wondernell knows, while evil lives, danger never sleeps.

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